The Minnesota Mental Health Access website is designed to assist health care personnel in locating potential openings for inpatient mental health services for the purpose of referring patients for care. It is a voluntary statewide online mental health services resource. The site has no government tracking or data-gathering function.


The data provided on the site comes from the voluntary participation of mental health care providers in Minnesota. Providers log in to the site to update their current bed/service availability. The goal is to update at a minimum of every 24 hours or at the beginning of each shift for acute care and crisis beds and weekly for IRTS.

The website provides a fast and easy way for providers to locate openings for services, such as acute care inpatient mental health hospital beds. Once services are located, essential information including referral options, contact names, phone numbers and directions to the facility are displayed.

The website is not designed to manage admissions or transfers of patients. When a service is located, providers must contact the facility to discuss potential patient transfers and make arrangements for services. Each of the facilities' admission and transfer policies will continue to apply. Each facility will continue to manage its facility openings and admissions. If this website indicates an opening, it does not mean the opening is guaranteed. Providers must not send patients directly to a facility based on the indication of bed availability from this website. It is essential that providers first contact the facility to arrange for patient transfer and admission and to be sure that the patient is appropriate for admission to the facility.

Participation in the website is voluntary and not all Minnesota facilities providing these services are listed on the site; however, DHS and MHA are continually engaging community providers to participate.

Searchable services
Providers can search the website for the following services
  • Acute care/short-term hospital inpatient treatment
  • Day treatment programs
  • Intensive Residential Treatment Services (IRTS)
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Residential crisis stabilization services (crisis beds)
These services are defined by the DHS at the following links: DHS also provides policies and procedures, forms, checklists, training and other resources for providers by license type:
Service area

This website includes services located in Minnesota. Facilities that lie outside of Minnesota are currently ineligible to enter data.

When conducting a service search, providers should enter the patient’s home ZIP code and the number of miles from that ZIP code to search for mental health services. This allows you to first search for services close to where the client resides, then widen the search as needed to find the services that best meet the needs of the individual.

Frequently asked questions

Please find a list of frequently asked questions which address common inquires about the website.